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Here are the HOTTEST guys of all time!

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9/14/06 09:22 am - Hugh Jackman Movie Update

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6)Oklahoma!- I want to put this one on the top of my list. HE IS SINGING!! And we all should know by now that singing guys turn me on!!! And his voice just make me melt. I love hearing him singing Curly in Oh What a Beautiful Morning! It is a great way to start the day! He is adorable, tough guy and still a sweetie! And bonus: he has his shirt off in it!
7)X-men 3- Of course he is back as the smart-ass hero, and it is of course wonderful! And again, as he races up to Jean Grey, his shirt dissolves off of him, and he has gotten even more buff!!

Now that I think about it, I don't think I have seen a movie with him in it where he didn't have his shirt off at one point! LIFE IS GOOD!

Girls to hate:
6)Josephina Gabrielle(make-out scenes in Oklahoma! and she got to sing with him!! grrrr)

9/13/06 10:12 pm - Matthew Perry


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Matthew Perry is the funniest and most sincere "Friend" I have ever seen. He has black hair, which I think by now we should know that I love. He has a beautiful smile and an AMAZING sense of humor. He is one of those people that can pull of the buisness man look in a way that you just get turned on, and want to rip that tie and nice shirt off. He has amazing blue eyes, ahh i am in love.

Movies to see:
1)Friends- Awesome TV show, and he is a hilarous character, Chandler Bing, but my absolute favorite thing in The One With the Proposal, when he proposes, it is so beautiful and he tears up and it is so adorable. That is the best thing about Friends, he is a funny guy but he is also so sweet and adorable. That episode makes me cry.
2)Fools Rush In- An adorable movie and he plays Alex Witman, who is in love, but he is so nervous and so sincere. The girl in the movie is pregnant, and the way he acts you know that he would be an awesome father.
3)The Whole Nine Yards- Also one to watch if you like to watch nervous guys, just cuz they are so cute you just want to grab them and settle them down. He plays Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky, living next door to an ex-hit man and it is ADORABLE!
4)Three To Tango- He plays Oscar Novak and through out most of the movie, everyone thinks that he is gay, and somehow there is something so adorable about him this way. There is also an episode of Friends where people think he may be gay. But I think what makes it adorable is what how he reacts to it all! Although he does have red hair, which i usually like, but it doesnt look so good on him.

Girls to hate:
1)Courtney Cox-Arquette(she got to do so many awesome love scenes with him in Friends)
2)Salma Hayek (multiple make-out scenes in Fools Rush In)
3)Rosanna Arquette(multiple scenes in Whole Nine Yards)
4)Neve Campbell (make out scene in Three to Tango)
5)Jennifer Aniston (kissed in an episode of Friends)
6)Lisa Kudrow (kissed in and episode of Friends)

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4/19/06 08:24 pm - Liev Schreiber movie update

Since last time I updated (which i know has been awhile), I have seen our dear Liev in two more movies:

4)RKO 281- Was a somewhat buisness-like person in this one, Orson Welles, who combats authority to create his dream movie. Ah, guys that fight authority just win my heart...
5)Hamlet- I LOVED THIS! He is the protective brother Laertes(aww how sweet), and of course he gets angry and seeks revenge. He is only in the beginning and end of the movie though, but i have to say that this man can do Shakespeare. He has the PERFECT voice for it.

2/10/06 10:08 pm - New Charmed Hottie

Here's my brand new awesome obsession:

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Drew Fuller. My own magical hottie. (Right now i am obsessing over Charmed) and omg i am so falling in love with this boy quickly. hes got the bad boy edge to him, but he seems like a good guy at heart you know. not to mention he is UBER SEXY!! okay, whats making me love him more: GREEN EYES! melting onto a pool on the floor now. he has scottish heritage....of course! and he dreams to go to scottland and ireland...he should take me with him! if i find out he can sing, i am just going to have to search him out, and totally make him love me!

Movies to see:
1)Charmed- he is the totally hott and mysterious character who comes back from the future...oooo i love a mystery. and there are even a couple of episodes where he cries, awwww sweetie, ill make you feel better!

Girls to hate:
1)Sarah Carter (ex-girlfriend, therefore she totally sucks)

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12/19/05 10:20 pm - Jake Gyllenhaal's Birthday

Guess who's 25 today?

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11/13/05 07:28 pm



heres gerry!Collapse )


10/18/05 09:36 pm - Hugh Dancy

And here is a good one:

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Hugh Dancy. Unfortunatally I have only seen him in one movie, but feel free to comment if you know of any other good ones. He's got the wavy brown hair, green eyes,(i LOVE green eyes), and a british accent! I melt for accents, ahh, he is a good one, yes he is...

Movies to see:
1)Ella Enchanted- he's prince charming, who doesn't want prince charming? such a sweetie, and whoever picked out the wardrobe, they should me kissed, cuz that outfit just makes me want to kiss HIM more! and there is a scene w/o his shirt on!!

Girls to hate:
1)Anne Hathaway (make-out scene in Ella Enchanted)

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10/12/05 05:26 pm - Someone is 37 today...


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10/7/05 11:05 pm - Topher Grace

I heard something about this one today, so I simply had to do him next.

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Topher Grace. Awww, such a cutie. Today one of my friends was saying that he heard that Topher was going to be a bad guy in the next Spider-man movie. Apparently a very muscular character too. So I laughed, but I got curious and had to check it out. And...surprise! It's true! Now I HAVE to go and see that movie to see him as a bad guy, lol. (Not that I wasn't going to see it anyways!) He's just a sweetie. He's the geek in the movies, and as I've said before, I love geeks. And I don't know how this keeps happening, but I keep picking guys and finding out that they can sing too, which makes them even hotter! He was in Pirates of Penzance on Broadway!

Movies to see:
1)Win a Date With Tad Hamilton- Awww! He's the guy secretly in love with im best friend, and is trying to win her and keep her away from the dreamy hollywood guy who had a sudden interest in her.
2)That 70's Show- okay, it's not a movie, but it is one of Topher's biggest roles, come on! And he's still a cutie!
3)In Good Company- Okay, haven't seen this one yet, and I really have been wanting too. Maybe I'll get it this weekend and then re-update this.
4)Spiderman 3- Obviously I haven't seen this yet, but now I am soo excited to see him buff up and play a bad guy! (but I heard he's going blonde!(I like dark hair))
5)Ocean's 12- He appears for a moment only and as himself, but it's still funny!

Girls to hate:
1)Laura Prepon (various kissing scenes and the like on That 70's Show)
2)Kate Bosworth (a few kissing scenes in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton)
3)Scarlett Johansson (Again, I haven't seem it, but i know she has at least kissing scenes with im in In Good Company)

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10/5/05 06:20 pm

And now for a very obvious one...

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Let's face it, you can't have a hott guys site without including Orlando Bloom. He's dreamy, our british hottie. And he looks awsome with that curly head of hair, and doesn't look so bad with the cute little beard. And he's obviously gotta be graceful, cuz he was an elf! And he's a daredevil. He did almost all his own stunts for Lord of the Rings! Whoho!! Brave guys are sexy!

Movies to see:
1)Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl- my best buddy turned me on to how sexy pirates are. As did Orlando. Aww, such a cutie in this one, and an awsome action hero!
2)Troy- He's looking so sexy in this one, but the only problem is that his character is an idiot, and a wimp. But we all start clapping with exictment when we see him practicing with a bow.
3)Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring- He's the soft-spoken, very smart, all-knowing, graceful, never-misses-a-shot-with-his bow, long blonde haired elf. Need I say more?
4)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers- He's the soft-spoken, very smart, all-knowing, graceful, never-misses-a-shot-with-his bow, long blonde haired elf again. (there is a really cool scene where he jumps up onto a horse and it doesnt sound so cool, but its awsome!)
5)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King- He's the soft-spoken, very smart, all-knowing, graceful, never-misses-a-shot-with-his bow, long blonde haired elf once more!

Girls to hate:
1)Kate Bosworth (current girlfriend)
2)Diane Kruger (did a sex scene in Troy) (she got to see ALL of Orlando!)
3)Kiera Knightly (make-out scene in Pirates of the Caribbean)

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10/3/05 06:15 pm - Jake Gyllenhaal

Now for number four, a special request:

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Jake Gyllenhaal. Our indie star cutie. He's such a cutie! He has got the big old eyes, and you just wanna stare into them all day long... and he isn't so bad to look at without a shirt! Apparently he can sing too, cuz he almost got the part in Moulin Rouge!!!

Movies to see:
1)The Day After Tomorrow- he is such a sweetie in this one, fighting natural disasters, and it's so cute that he risked an icy cold death for a girl.
2)Donnie Darko- Like I have already mentioned, crazy psycos are soo hott!!
3)Bubble Boy- He is adorable as a completely innocent guy journeying across the country to find the girl of his dreams!
4)October Sky - He is adorable as a geek!! Awww, I love dorks...
5)City Slickers- This one features a young Jake, which is simply adorable.

Girls to hate:
1)Kirsten Dunst (ex-girlfriend, were very very close)
2)Jenna Malone (make-out scene in Donnie Darko)
3)Emmy Rossum (make-out scene in The Day After Tomorrow)
4)Marley Shelton (kissing scene in Bubble Boy)

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10/2/05 08:43 pm - Liev Schreiber

Now for number three...

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Liev Schreiber. There's something so sexy about his voice, it's so...deep and...different sounding. He's tall, which is always a plus, and he just looks so...yummy!! He also has a very unique laugh, no one else can laugh/'giggle' like him.

Movies to see:
1)Kate & Leopold- He is hilarious in this one cuz everyone thinks that he is crazy, but really he isn't, though he acts it sometimes! And it's sweet at the end because you can see that he never stopped loving her, yet he helps her get together with Leopold.
2)Scream 2- In this one, he also acts a little bit crazy, and at one point, there is a close-up shot where he looks downright freaky. Awsome! He's all out to seek his fame and the poor guy was put in jail for a crime he didnt commit! Aww sweetie, it's okay, you just need a hug...
3)Scream 3- He is now famous as he always wanted to be, and it's cute how he worries about his girlfriend. But the thing that sux is that he dies within the first fifteen minutes.

(Mind you, this is all i have seen. I have heard that he was very good in The Manchurian Candidate)

Girls to hate:
1)Kristin Davis (an ex-girlfriend)
2)Kate Driver (another ex-girlfriend)
3)Neve Campbell (no intimate scenes at all, but they do get very close in Scream 2 her strokes her face and grabs her) (not to be misunderstood: they are not a love issue at all in this movie)
4)Meg Ryan (though they also have no intimate scenes in Kate & Leopold she still sux cuz she was in a movie with him)

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10/2/05 02:53 pm - Hugh Jackman

So now we go to number two:

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Hugh Jackman of course. Last night my mom decided that she wanted to watch Someone Like You so we did. And my as we are watching it, something amazing happened. My mom and I agreed that Hugh is hott. Of course, we couldn't go through the movie without my mom saying how much better looking he is than Gerry, but whatever, it is very true that he is very very cute. His real-life accent, which i have yet to hear in any movie is adorable, cutie Australian. He seems to be a really sweet guy, and my mom couldn't stop talking about how once a bunch of reporters had tried to dig up dirt on him, but they couldn't find anything, just that he was a normal, nice guy. I love his acting though, he is a WONDERFUL actor. Very versatile. He goes from the bad-ass guy in X-men to the guy everyone wants to sweep them off their feet in Kate & Leopold. He's just so...adorable!!

Top movie to see:
1)Kate & Leopold- I love this movie. Hugh stars next to a rather-more-bitchy-than-usual Meg Ryan, and he is a total heartbreaker. He plays the gentlemen who is suddenly thrown into an appartment in New York in the 20th century, and it's so fun to watch him act all confused by all the modern customs.
2)X-men- Like I said before, there is something so appealing about a guy acting like a total bad-ass and throwing out smart-ass comments. And you gotta love his cool 'knifes' that shoot out of his knuckles.
3)X-men 2- Hugh returns as the bad-ass, therefore, this is as much worth seeing as the first one. Also, there is a breakdown moment, where he looks like he's about to cry. And you are thinking "AWW!!! Hugh, dont cry, I'll hold you, it'll be alright!"
4)Van Helsing- I had to watch this one after I watched Someone Like You. Hugh is the swash-buckling hero, and it also super-sexy as a werewolf in the end. I also loved that in the Bloopers, they have a little reel where Hugh keeps tripping and I got so excited, cuz I was like, WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON!!
5)Someone Like You- A cute and slightly strange romantic comedy. I think the best way to describe him is as someone in between the X-men charatcer and the Kate& Leopold charater. He is a bad-ass, described as a womanizer, but in the end he shows a sensative side a bit too tho.

Girls to hate:
1)Deborra-Lee Furness (his wife, who has had two of his children. grrr.)
2)Meg Ryan (muliple kissing scences in Kate & Leopold)
3)Ashley Judd (make-out scene in Someone Like You)
4)Kate Bekinsale (short make-out scene in Van Helsing)
5)Famke Janssen (got another short make-out scene in X-men

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10/1/05 03:33 pm - Gerard Butler

We will start with the obvious, top of my list:

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This is Gerard Butler. He is known to fanatics like me as 'Gerry' I am such a Gerry fanatic that my mom even calls him Gerry. And she is so sick of me talking about him anytime possible, that she now insits that he is gay just to annoy me. BLASPHEMY! Just beacuse he is 35 and not married does not mean he's gay, it means he is waiting for me! Now, what is hott about Gerry? EVERYTHING!
His sensational singing (makes me melt into a pool on the floor everytime i hear his voice), his sexy scottish accent, his beautiful blue-green eyes, his wonderful hands that you just want wrapped around you, his manly build, his detrmination, and on top of all that, his is a GREAT actor and has been called one of the nicest actors around! Ahh.....I love Gerry...

Top 5 movies to see:
1)The Phantom of the Opera- Gerry moves so gracefully and is a mysterious dark character. He is full of emotion and the singing OMG the singing. If I am in a bad mood, all i need do is listen to Gerry sing to make my heart flutter.
2)Dracula 2000- Me and my best friend(also a Gerry fanatic) thought he wouldn't look so good in this one. I mean, usually Dracula is pasty and pale and an ugly bad guy. NOT GERRY! He makes me want to be a vampire, and he could bite my neck anytime he wants to.
3)Timeline- looks kinda like he did in Dracula, but in Draclua, he is in more black and is kept pretty and sexy. Being the action hero in this one, he gets dirty, and plays with swords and bow& arrows, and that is totally wonderful too! (extra: hear sexy scottish accent in this one)
4)Dear Frankie- He is such a mysterious guy in this one (as he usually is, but why not? He's great at it and mysterious guys are super sexy) but he is also a sweetie. And we hear his accent again, added bonus!!
5)Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life- I didn't even really like this movie. Angelina Jolie annoys me, and the movie was too cliche, and the ending sucked. But I bought it anyways cuz I loved Gerry in it! Something about a bad ass is just sooo super sexy. Everytime he says a smart-ass comment, I just sit there and say 'do it again!' (and then there's his opening scence! Doing push-ups!!)

Top 5 women to hate:
1)Emmy Rossum (not only has a great kissing scene with him in The Phantom of the Opera, but she is also very close to my age, so that makes me think that it could have been me, even though it really couldn't have been. Also she gets to sing with him, and that creates an extreme loathing for her)
2)Colleen Fitzpartick (sex scene in Dracula 2000)
3)Angelina Jolie (make-out scene in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life)
4)Emily Mortimer (had to do the kissing scene in Dear Frankie 25 times)
5)Anna Friel (a few different kissing scenes in Timeline)

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9/18/05 04:26 pm

Welcome to 100 hottest guys. I am just a simple girl with nothing to do, so i created this journal to take up some of my time. This is going to be the utimate journal to find pictures of who i think are the top 100 hottest guys. They will not be in any kind of order. I will not post in any kind of a schedual, simply just when i have free time. And so it begins...
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